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The Crocodile

Crocodile Tears (Gift Card)

Crocodile Tears (Gift Card)

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Want some valuable Crocodile Tears in the form of a gift card? This is the best offer you'll get for Crocodile tears. These extremely valuable Crocodile tears can be spent here on this incredible website for anything you want that you can find to buy on here.

Crocodile Tears are great for people who may like this stuff but don't know about it just yet. It's kind of like discovering a nice little treasure chest full of goodies.



All orders are made to order (for now), but production is quick and efficient.

Be sure to check sizing

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The Crocodile only uses 3 different suppliers to ensure quality control.

Depending on what you order, you may see multiple packages delivered to your front door as products are made to order.

However, shipping is efficient, tracked, and insured.

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All proceeds go right back into the brand and help The Crocodile buy products to reivew and stuff. Everything is quality, nothing is garbage, and will easily make you cooler (purely a theory).